-In support of the value of tango as part of a cultural and regional identity

Values that unify the artists and spaces that participate in the Independent Tango Festival

To connect and create exchanges between the cities that produce tango and to demand the explicit inclusion of teaching tango, milonga and our national culture in schools.

-In support of the visibility of tango as a cultural expression developed and created in and for current times

The promotion of events and stages that promote tango all year round, not just in August, as part of a politics geared towards the new realities of this genre. The support of independently organized initiatives that create tango culture from March to March.

-In support of the opening of aesthetic and stylistic borders and for the development of alternative forms of production and organization of events within the tango community.

-To offer strong support to the popular tango schools, popular music schools, and conservatories where new artists are being formed. To continue to develop national, regional and neighborhood Independent tango festivals that have multiplied since the first Independent Tango Festival in 2010.

-In support of the promotion and diffusion of contemporary tango culture on a national level through the development and implementation of public politics and cultural policies.

- For the development of networks that offer local circulation of events.
Against the closure of any tango spaces. Against any laws that try to impede the development of art in public spaces. We demand attention to the National Law of Music and the Law for Musical Activities that was vetoed by the city government after being approved by the legislature

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